How we can help you

In 2014/15 we worked on 43 projects, supported 28 community groups and saved over 80,000 sqft of space. But there are still over 20,000 listed buildings on the ‘at risk’ registers in the UK.


We work with community groups, public bodies, private owners and developers to help give new lives to old buildings.
Below are some of the areas we can help with. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, we are determined to help as many people as we can save the places they love. 





  • Planning days: A fantastic way to get community and stakeholders to focus on the future of a particular building. The objective is to reach agreement regarding opportunities for the site, ensuring they are appropriate, achievable, viable and beneficial to the local community.
  • Route Map: a tool developed to set out the key steps and actions needed to enable a project to proceed in a series of phases. It sets out responsibilities and each phase delivers specific benefits.                
  • Heritage-led Enquiry by Design (HEbD): a design-led workshop. It is attended by key stakeholders and helps facilitate an agreement for the redevelopment of complex heritage sites.



  • Options Appraisal: Used to assess the viability and deliverability of a number of options for the redevelopment of a building, the aim is to narrow it down to a preferred option.
  • Business planning: This includes proposals for re-development, project aims and objectives, market research, viability assessment, a governance and management plan, a risk register, an economic impact assessment, a timeline and sustainability proposals.



  • Conservation Statement: Covering the historical, architectural and social significance of the site and assesses its significance in terms of robustness for conversion or fragility to adaptation.
  • Conservation Management Plan is prepared once the proposals for conversion have been agreed and it  set out the management policies for interventions and for the adaptation and long-term maintenance of the building or site.

If you are just starting your project the BRICK programme might be the best place to start. Our ground-breaking education programme offers a series of workshops and conferences, mentoring and an online platform to help you get your project started. 

To get in touch about whether we can support your restoration project or to ask for some advice - please e-mail

For more information about how the Prince's Regeneration Trust can help you please download the PDF below.


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